How To Use Native Advertising

In this video post Ben Harris a top executive from the popular affiliate network interviewed one of their 7 figure platinum affiliates Tom Bell on how he uses Native Ads to get targeted website traffic and sales! This is a MUST WATCH if you're looking for more targeted ways to reach more people in a much faster time frame. But just what are native ads?! 

Native Advertising is a relatively new type of online advertising where the combination of image and text comes together in the same branding style as the website it is on. In other words these image/text ads are designed to look as though it is a natural extension of the website it is displayed on instead of looking like traditional ads that are known to take a person away from the site. 

You may have noticed on the popular news and gossip websites that near the bottom of their posts are little square boxes composed of images and text messages that tell you to click on it for "More Info" or that it is somehow "Related Content" to what you just read when in actuality they are ADS! BUT they are made to look as though they are "native" to the site, now you see where they got the name from 😉

As you can imagine, since these ads look like natural extensions to the sites they are displayed on, then these ads also tend to get more clicks due to people thinking they are merely going to another section /page of that same website that is going to provide more info/knowledge on what they were just reading. This is turn translates to a higher level of visitor engagement which in turn ultimately means MORE SALES for whatever you're advertising as long as it's related to that content of course... 

Native advertising is a form of marketing that blends the art and science of influencing people with the power of compelling ads. It is especially useful for affiliate marketing where you can drive massive volume to high payout offers.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase native advertisements from just anywhere as only a few media outlets (companies that provide advertising from various media sources) offer Native Ads. However, I have provided a small list of places to get native ads from including their costs per click and type of industries accepted: 
Native advertising is different than other forms of advertising such as search engine optimization and social media marketing. In those cases, readers typically are aware they are being sold something.

With native advertising, the sale is not obvious. Instead the emphasis is on providing useful information without which the reader may not purchase. Native advertising is also different from opinion pieces or advertorials... 

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