Why You Should Use PLR To Make Money Online

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Why You Should Start With PLR

PLR (Private Label Rights) really exploded onto the scene a few years ago and you can see why. The concept took the pain and time investment in product creation out of the equation. Not only is it the fastest way to get a product out there without all the sweat of having to create one from scratch but it’s also a great alternative for beginners to even the playing field usually dominated by the seasoned professionals and get their products out there without the usual learning curve that most beginners face when first starting out.

If you’ve never created your own product before, starting out with PLR is the best way to go because it gives you an idea of what an information product looks like, the layout, the written style, the graphics, the ad copy. Editing the content gives you the feel for creating your own without having to start from the ground up.

Time Saver

PLR also places you in the position of getting your products out there faster than you normally would if you had to create your own from scratch. You don’t have to choose your topic or spend the same amount of time as you normally would researching as most of the time consuming ground work is already done for you. This in turn enables you to use plr to make money online fast.  

Money Saver

People who don’t wish to create their own products due to time constraints or lack of confidence in their own writing ability usually employ the skills of a ghostwriter to do the writing for them. 

Depending upon the schedule of the ghostwriter can take weeks or months to turn around a 50-100 page e-book and then you’re still got guaranteed to get the end result you want. Ghostwriters can usually charge around $1,000-$1,500 to write a complete project for you. This is the going rate but will vary depending upon reputation and experience. 

Ghostwriters are well worth it in my opinion, you are paying for their expertise and you have in essence another ‘you’ to create your content while you devote your time to building your business. 

In future you may wish to go this route, but starting with PLR is a more cost effective way to get started which will allow you to not only save money upfront but give you the feel of the kind of content you yourself would like to produce for your own future projects. The better idea you have for your own content the better equipped you are to convey that to your ghostwriter reducing the amount of time, guesswork and cost involved. 

Your Rights

Depending upon the types of rights you possess, Unrestricted PLR being the most powerful, will ultimately determine to which extent you can alter the content. With Unrestricted PLR you can fully overhaul the content to any extent you wish and claim yourself as the author, if on the other hand you have Master Resell Rights, chances are you won’t be able to alter the content requiring it to be left in the form that it was originally received in. 

Always check your rights before buying and before you plan to make any alterations.  

Framework to Build On

In addition to transforming your PLR into a new product, it can also act a useful means of product creation within itself. If the PLR product you purchased was an e-book you can use the table of contents as a framework with which to use as a basis or guideline for constructing your own content around.

You get experience of writing your own content when altering your PLR product as you adapt it to suit your own style, and you find your own voice...

When using PLR it’s vitally important to not just sell the content as is. A certain amount of editing is required to create a new and unique product that stands independent of the original. It depends upon you but generally you should edit 30-50% of the content. But essentially, this is how and why you should use plr to make money online for free.  

Kicking Your PLR Up A Notch

To take your PLR product to the next level you can depart from the written word. People are converting their PLR to CD discs and are experiencing fantastic results, people still perceive physical products as higher value. Why just stop there? Why not use your CD as a teaser for a fully-fledged home business study course where you can charge high-ticket prices? 

Remember those small business opportunity magazines that were especially huge in the 80’s and 90’s where merchant advertised to show you how to money if you just ordered their report for $37? The real money was in the back end when you realized you had to buy the $600 home study course to enjoy the kinds of results they were. Those techniques still work extremely well today because so many people are too focused on concentrating solely on online business that they forget there is a hungry offline market waiting in the wings. 


PLR can get you producing new products at a fraction of the time and cost usually involved with creating your own from scratch. It is also a cost effective way to go if you are just starting out as well as versatile as a means of product creation if you are not a confident writer.

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