My Quora Answers On Affiliate Marketing

Recently, I have been getting questions on the popular question and answer site Quora and wanted to share because of the lessons they provide especially in the area of affiliate marketing...
...although the above video showed what's needed for a successful affiliate promotion some still run into issues
Do not allow yourself to become even the slightest frustrated because that state of mind will throw off your best efforts... 

So before you begin any type of affiliate marketing repeat the following quick meditation for a total of nine times. This exercise will put you in a calmer/more focused state of mind
  • Breathe in with each breath to a count of 9
  • Hold the breath to a count of 9
  • Exhale the breath to a count of 9
  • Then hold again to a count of 9 

Who knows, I may make these Quora Answer style posts a regular. Tell me what you think in the comments?!

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